What is social media marketing?

In today’s scenario, social media has not become a platform for interacting with people but also social media is widely used as a platform for marketing. Every company either big or small is using social media to promote its growth. Nowadays everything has gone online like online shopping, gaming, streaming, news, etc so why not businesses? Social media is a very powerful platform to market your business.

You can reach millions of people through social media, which is impossible in offline businesses. Many businesses have reached their peak through social media. Online social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc helps in the marketing of your business. You can market your business by running your business ads, giving attractive offers, etc to attract the audience.

Sometimes when you search for something on Google or Amazon for shopping, you find that same item on your Facebook wall. Is this happen to you? This is known as artificial intelligence. It’s part of social media marketing too. The businesses pay handsome amounts of money to these artificial intelligence authorities to do their marketing. This is the reason why your smartphone shows you the ad for the same product you were searching for yesterday.

Why businesses do social media marketing?

There are many reasons that businesses are inclined towards social media marketing or Internet marketing. The reasons why business do social media marketing are-:

1. To promote their brand

2.  To reach millions of customers

3.  Increase the traffic on their business website

4.  Create their identity by continuously running their ads.

5. For communication with their targeted audience.

Major social media platforms for marketing-:

There are many social media platforms where you can market your business and generate a hefty amount of revenue by reaching a lot of people through the online platform. Some of them are mentioned below-:


Facebook has more than 2 billion users in the world. It’s a place where people go for chilling, chatting with their friends, steaming videos, etc. So Facebook can be a very good platform for your business. So you can think of a cost-effective strategy for advertising on Facebook. Facebook can help your business to market with a cost-effective ads scheme.


Twitter is also one of the most used social media platforms from the marketing point of view. Twitter has 180+ million users in the World. People use Twitter for seeing the tweet of their favorite personalities. They often use Twitter to tweet. So Twitter can also become a good social media marketing platform. You can hire Twitter famous personalities to promote your products.


YouTube has become a great market platform for a decade. It’s the first choice of most businesses to market their products on YouTube. Businesses create their Content on YouTube. They create ads and run on famous YouTube channels. They hire YouTubers to promote their businesses in between their videos. The video content is the most attractive. You can’t underestimate the power of audio and video content.

So these are some of the major social media platforms where you can market your business and generate a hefty amount of revenue.

Useful strategies to achieve a business goal

If you have to set some goals in your business and achieve the targets, you have to follow some strategies. The strategies are-:

Define a goal

Firstly you have to be very specific about your goal. What you have to accomplish and what do you want from the business. Be specific towards the goal, write your goals somewhere and go through that every day.

Commitment towards the goal

You have to be committed to the goal. You have to stick with that goal. Your attitude must be “I will not stop until I accomplish my goal”

Publicise your goal

Make a team by indulging people in the goal. They will motivate you for achieving the business targets. Also, the team will support you in your business bad times.

Have a deadline

Yes, having a deadline maybe pressurise you but having a deadline will make your work with more effort. If you don’t set a deadline your business can fail because you can’t work until you set a deadline.

Track your progress

Always have a track record of your business goals. See the progress every week or month. This will help in the evaluation of your business targets. Without tracking the business there are chances that your business can have a downfall. So keep track of your goals.

Have an after-work reward

Motivate yourself by thinking about what you will do once you accomplish the goal. This will really make you happier while doing the work. So reward yourself after the completion of the goal.

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