Realme Narzo 10 Review 2021

Realme has recently added the Narzo series of smartphones to its smartphone portfolio. There are two phones in the series: the Narzo 10A, and the Narzo 10A. The review will be primarily focused on the Narzo 10, the most popular of both phones. It’s basically a rebadged Realme 6i, which was launched in Myanmar only a few weeks back. Realme launched the Realme 6 series in India in February with two introductory phones. Their new phone is not part this series. Instead, it is part of the Narzo Series.

The Realme Narzo 10 was priced at Rs 11.999, and it is now available for shipping across India. At a time when smartphone prices are dropping, the Narzo 10’s attractive pricing is a positive. A smartphone that is affordable and meets all their needs will appeal to customers who have waited for more than two months to buy a smartphone. The Narzo 10 smartphone is an affordable option that meets all your needs. Let’s take a look.

Realme Narzo – Design and Display

Realme Narzo 10’s design is very similar to other Realme smartphones. Realme has not experimented with the Narzo 10 design. Although the Narzo 10 is an attractive smartphone, it lacks frills. The phone’s back has a matte finish. It is made of polycarbonate with vertical patterns. Naoto Fukasawa, a Japanese designer, designed this phone. He also contributed to Realme’s other phones (Onion and Garlic editions). Although the matte finish is more resistant to smudges that a glossy, it’s still slippery in your hands.

The company logo is located at the bottom left. The camera module is also at this location. A USB-C port is located at the bottom, flanked by a speaker grille. The microphones are at the bottom and the earpiece is just above the notch. The volume knob is below the SIM card tray. The lonesome and lonesome buttons are located at the right edge. You will find the fingerprint sensor in the dead center.

Realme used the same proven placement of the camera module at Narzo 10’s rear. It is disappointing that the camera design is so boring, given the increasing popularity of budget smartphones. You’ll notice a difference in the design of Redmi phones and Oppo phones, depending on their prices. Realme’s goal is to fix what’s not broken. It’s fine. It’s just a bit boring. It is heavy at 200g and very bulky.

The Realme Narzo 10 display is identical to the others. The display measures 6.5 inches in height and has a cut-out at the top that looks like a waterdrop. All sides, except for the thick bottom bezel have thin bezels. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects your display. For additional protection, the screen is protected with a protective film that has been applied before. It is difficult to remove the protective film even after trying several times with my nails.

In my testing, the LCD display of Narzo 10 was vivid. It can display vivid colours and accurately reflect tones. Low brightness makes it difficult to read text. Direct sunlight makes it easier to change to manual brightness control.

Only 720 pixels is the display’s resolution. It is disappointing, considering many of its rivals have Full-HD displays. While the image quality was excellent for videos, Full-HD videos at high bit rate were not supported by the phone. These videos were played back with slight stuttering at the beginning and occasional frame drops throughout.

Realme Narzo – Performance and Battery

The Narzo 10 smartphone, a budget phone, has a processor that is strictly within its class. The smartphone’s MediaTek Helio G80 SoC, an octacore MediaTek Helio G80 SoC, can clock at up to 2.0GHz. It is paired with MaliG52 MC2 CPU which is also available to the Helio P65 SoC. This processor can be used with smartphones such as the Vivo Y19 and Galaxy A31. Realme Narzo 10, which scored 386 and 1336 respectively in single-core tests on Geekbench 5 was able score 386 in single-core. The processor is theoretically faster than the Helio G70T, although it isn’t quite as powerful as Realme 6.

Although the Realme Narzo 10 was a good choice for daily use, there were some noticeable lags in its interface. Some apps have slow touch responses, making scrolling through content difficult.

The smartphone can run up to eight apps at once, but one more app could cause the phone to stop running another app. The app would restart from scratch. The Realme UI is simple to use and provides all the features an Android user requires. It was annoying to receive constant notifications from Helo and UC Browser so I had to delete the bloatware.

The smartphone’s gaming experience is average. The Narzo 10 was able play PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends and other games in just 30 minutes. It’s not powerful enough. Frame drops and occasional stutters were common when I was playing with the default settings. To make sure the game ran smoothly, I had the graphics settings reduced and any other advancements disabled. It was able switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi connections and cellular connections. It also had very low latency. The phone begins to warm up after 15-20 minutes of gaming.

Gaming on the Narzo 10 can also cause battery drain faster. With normal usage, the 5000mAh battery on the Narzo 10 lasted me 1.5 days. With the 18W fast charger, the battery gets even more juice. The Realme Narzo 10 battery was fully charged after my test. It took just over one hour and thirty minutes.

Realme Narzo 10: Cameras

Realme Narzo 10 has four rear cameras. One of these is a 48-megapixel Samsung sensor with PDAF. It also features an aperture of f/1.8 and PDAF. Two other 8-megapixel sensors are available at 119 degrees FOV. The macro sensor is a 2-megapixel sensor. One 16-megapixel sensor has a aperture of f/2.0 to take selfies. Realme’s camera app is not updated. There are still Ultra Macro, Panorama and Panorama modes.

The Narzo 10 was used during lockdown for photography. I was able to take photos in the park while I was locked down. The main sensor can take decent photos in bright light. Sharp and detailed photos, with a good dynamic range, are well-coloured and have an excellent sharpness. The main sensor is fast to focus on the subject, and doesn’t waste too much time.

The secondary 8-megapixel ultrawide sensor is excellent in daylight but suffers from barrel distortion. Nearly all smartphones with a wide-angle lens suffer from this problem.

The macro sensor, however, is not a good performer. Macro sensors are common in smartphones below Rs 15,000 and I’ve seen better macro photography. This sensor allows the phone to create bokeh effects. While the blurred background effect of bokeh in portrait photos can look great, it can sometimes be too aggressive and blurs elements too often.

Night photography is easier with the main sensor than with other sensors. Night mode captures some details, but it is grainy. Realme Narzo 10 also has the ability to record videos. However, this can result in grainy footage. Recordings can be made up to 1080p.

Realme Narzo – Should you purchase this smartphone?

The Narzo 10 is a decent phone. Although it isn’t great, it’s still an acceptable phone. It’s a decent phone.

The Narzo 10 is a great option if your expectations are low for a smartphone. The Narzo 10’s display can be used to view content and play games. Although the processor does the job well, there are limitations. The Narzo 10’s cameras seem above-average for their price. Realme smartphones are well-known for being affordable. Redmi Note 8 or the Galaxy M21 are both affordable at Rs 12,699.

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