Is SEO Mandatory for a Website?

Is SEO a must for a website? We are here to find an answer to your question. Search engine optimization is a job that is done to reach more masses and enables it to rank higher in search engines . SEO, called search engine optimization, is not mandatory for a website.

That is, the owner of a website may not want to reach more people. The website can only be a site where the personal information of that person is kept, in short, that person may not have a problem to reach more people.

Seo Work According To Purpose

If search engine optimization is to be done on a website, it should be well known for what it is done for. In a word, many reasons can be listed such as whether to rank higher in search engines, to announce the name of a website more, to advance a website only in a certain sector. All these are the most important criteria when starting SEO. However, as we said, the owner of the website may not have to do with all of these and may want to hang out on their own, which can eliminate the tedious task of doing Search engine optimization.

As an example, let’s consider the magazine sermerkand, the magazine has its own followers and already writes the address of the web address on the magazine, users can enter this website, so there is no need for SEO. Another example than that, let’s Turkey’s best-selling newspaper from someone I think the newspaper Mail newspaper on almost every page of the newspaper is to get the name of the website all kinds of users who want to enter this site and this site SEO ‘or do not need.

Which sites do SEO work?

If we are talking about a web address where SEO is required, it is necessary for a general blog site. The owner of this web address, which does not belong to any institution or organization such as a newspaper or magazine, will probably want to earn income from this site. This will require search engine optimization.

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