How To Make An Effective Seo Work

SEO is a job that should not be done by everyone. This job, which should be done by highly knowledgeable people, takes effort, if uninformed people do, stop ranking in the search engines, your site may fall into the sendbox. If you want to do effective SEO, you should definitely get this job done by an expert. However, if there is no expert and you have to do it yourself, you should do SEO in accordance with the following rules.

Let’s examine step by step how to do SEO;

First of all, we need a website if SEO is to be done. We can buy hosting and domains and publish our website from ready-made systems or as our own custom coding. However, if you want to try my SEO knowledge on a free system, for now, you can open a blog site from or many other blog services.

Now that we have a website, we can start SEO.

The first step of effective SEO is always to determine the target of the site content. Determine what your site will be relevant to and start writing original articles from there, write your articles with your own ideas without copying from there.

Of course, only original articles are not enough for effective SEO, but there is a situation that should be known that if you fulfill all the SEO criteria, it is necessary to say that if you do not have an original article, there will be no hesitation from that site.

Backlink simply means giving a link from one site to another. According to search engines, the linked site is always a good site. Get as many backlinks as possible, but be careful, if the site you are linking to is an inappropriate site, it will affect your site as well. In addition, when exchanging links, try not to do it mutually, that is, if the site says add my link when you receive a link from site a, that link will not come no. Backlinks from authoritative sites are very valuable. Again, gov and edu extension sites are considered valuable backlinks because they are trustworthy.

You should make your links the top link that search engines love. This means that. Instead of, try to pass the title of the article in the url address of the article.

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