Apple iPhone SE (2020), complete review

Although the new iPhone SE costs half as much as the OnePlus 2, 2020 promises many surprises. The iPhone SE is a great iPhone value. It feels old-fashioned at its worst. It’s an Apple-like departure in both cases.

Design – Dated beginning on day one

Let’s just say the iPhone SE was launched in 2020, but it was actually created in 2014. It’s easy to see why.

Apple has used parts from the 2017 iPhone 8 to create its new SE. It is basically an iPhone 8 with a new processor. The 8 was the last glimpse of a design language that was introduced with the iPhone 6 three years ago. This design is almost seven-years old.

The SE is simple to spot, featuring a glass exterior in red, black, or white. It’s dominated by the Apple logo and one lens. The familiar curves wrap around a metal frame. This allows for buttons and an alert slider. Lightning ports are available for charging. There is not enough space to accommodate a headphone socket.

It is also extremely small, which is refreshing in an age of expensive flagships. It’s lightweight, compact and lightweight at only 148g. It is the most amazing thing about it.

Things go wrong at the front. The display is covered by black bezels measuring inches in height that cover the speaker, selfie camera, and Apple Home button. You lose Face ID, Touch ID security and the ability to use Touch ID.

The screen is a 4.7 inch LCD with a resolution of 1334×750. The screen’s brightness and colour range are excellent. If you view a lot on your phone’s video, however, you may notice a difference in the resolution.

Let me be very clear. The iPhone 8’s design is outdated and the SE is three years old. If you are comfortable with an older iPhone and don’t mind giving the Home button up, it’s fine.

According to Apple standards, the SE isn’t as expensive as you might think. You can get an Android phone for half the price, or even less, with a brighter, larger and more detailed display that extends beyond the edges.

There are many reasons to pick the SE. However, it is difficult to ignore the display and design. I love my iPhone compact, but I don’t think I would be able to live with a phone with so many buttons after using phones with larger displays.

Performance & specifications A-grade

Despite the iPhone SE’s old exterior, the iPhone SE’s interior is contemporary and fresh. The most fascinating part of the phone is its processor. It’s the A13 Bionic chip that you will find in the flagship iPhone 11 range.

This is Apple’s fastest processor, so it’s no surprise that it powers the average SE. This is an area in which Apple has an almost complete command over its component chains. It gives Apple an advantage. There’s no way an Android manufacturer could fit a Snapdragon 865 chip into an equivalent-priced handset.

It is almost as fast and as capable as the iPhone 11 Pro. Multitasking is great, games run smoothly, the phone should last many years even after iOS updates.

Teardowns can indicate that there is less RAM in this area. This could impact multitasking. Thermals, however, have a greater impact. The SE is smaller than its bigger siblings and heats up quicker, which causes the A13 to cool down faster.

Camera – Point-and-shoot

The camera is the real strength of A13 Bionic. The iPhone SE apple’s 12-MP, f/1.7 rear cam is the same as the iPhone 8, but it has a faster processor. This unlocks even greater potential.

Because image processing is only half of smartphone photography. This is where the A13 excels. The main lens produces vibrant, sharp shots almost as good or better than the iPhone 11.

Although the dynamic range of the SE is limited by the sensor’s 12Mp, the photos are amazing with a balanced color profile. There are also some beautiful shots at macro range.

There are some caveats. The most important is versatility. To get a wide angle or high-resolution telephoto, you can’t only use one rear lens. It was fine for most of my photography, but there were occasions when I felt the need to have an extra lens. If given the choice, I would choose one lens over three poor lenses. Apple decided to follow the Pixel 3a’s lead, and prioritized one lens at this price.

Other limitations include, strangely enough, computational. This is quite confusing, considering the processor is the main star of the show. One is portrait mode. It can only be used by humans, just like the iPhone XR. It cannot also handle depth effects on animals or objects.

There is no night mode, which is inexplicable. The sensor is not capable of handling low-light well by itself, making it a daytime camera. Even a very dim light can result in a dramatic loss of detail and colour fidelity.

The A13 can handle portrait and night mode on other iPhones. It is easy to see why they aren’t included. Unless Apple deliberately made the SE camera more difficult to access in order to encourage more photographers to continue to pay more for the 11 series.

This results in a camera that is capable of taking basic photos with decent lighting, but not great at the rest.

The 7Mp selfie camera supports portrait mode. This is a very good iPhone selfie camera, so there’s not much to worry about.

The IPhone SE apple video capabilities are unparalleled. The SE supports 4K video recording at 60fps and stabilization. This feature is not available on any other phone at this price and it’s just as good as Apple’s current products.

Battery – A blast of the past

The display flaw in the IPhone SE apple design is obvious and uncongruous. The IPhone se mah lithium battery is more subtle and could pose serious problems in the long-term. The IPhone se Apple claims that it can last as long as the iPhone 8, which is not surprising considering it has a 720p screen.

The iPhone se apple is brand-new and fresh out the box. It will last approximately one day if you are a light user. If you’re a heavy user, you will need to charge it in the afternoon. A power bank is a must-have for anyone who travels. You will find that the more you use your smartphone, the worse things get.

Android-land is a different story. Smartphones of the same price range will last at most for a day or two. Apple was clearly limited in its decision not to re-use the iPhone 8 chassis and save money. This leaves little space for battery.

This is a sad return to the short iPhone se mah batteries days.

IPhone SE mah battery has a better charging experience. The IPhone SE apple is capable of charging up to 18W fast, but it also comes with a slower 5W charger. You will need to pay an additional charge to unlock full charging capabilities for your phone.

Qi wireless charging is also available, which is impressive considering the cost. The charging speed is the same as wired charging, but it’s much faster if there are a few wireless chargers.

Price – An iPhone is a good buy (iPhone Se 2020 price in India).

The compromises made by the iPhone SE in India’s iPhone se 2020 pricing are clearer when you consider the implications. The iPhone SE is priced at PS419/$399, and it may be the most affordable iPhone se 2020 pricing in India. It also comes very close depending on where you live.

This is the base 64GB model. This isn’t enough storage. I recommend the PS469/$449 128GB model. You will be happy you did.

The PS569/$549 model comes with 256GB. This is slightly more than the other models. There’s no need to spend so much if you don’t intend to shoot 4K video.

Nearly every network and carrier offers the iPhone se apple, so it is not surprising they offer it. Vodafone provided a review unit. However, it is also available for contract through O2, EE or Carphone Warehouse in the UK. It is available for purchase at Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T if you’re in the US.

Next up is the PS629/$599 iPhone XR. The XR has a more modern design but uses an older chipset. Next is the PS729/$699 iPhone 11, which combines an A13 design and an additional lens. Although the iPhone se 2020’s price has increased in India, it is still very affordable according to Apple standards.

Things get more complicated on the Android side. The PS399/$399 Pixel3a is very close to the SE. However, Oppo Reno 2 offers a better battery, display, design, and sometimes even a camera for a lower price.

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